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Personal Injury Attorney Memphis

After a serious accident, the best you can do for yourself is to get a competent attorney who will assist you to recover the compensation you deserve against the person responsible for your injury. In Memphis, Personal injury Attorney Memphis is your most will relaible Law firm and the firm will assist you legally to ensure that you receive the adequate compensation you deserve.

We have provided herein all the information you need to assist you find legal solution to your personal injury case.

What is Personal Injury and When does it occur?

When You are hurt or your property damaged as a result of someone else’s action or inaction, you have suffered a personal injury. Personal injury ranges from injuries arising from Car accident, Slip and fall, Use of unsafe product,  to Attacks from dog or other animals.


Who is Personal Injury Attorney Memphis  is the official web page of the Law office of Henry E. Reeves III, a firm of attorneys, who specialize in handling personal injury cases in Memphis Tennessee.

The Reaves Law Office has branches all over Memphis and can also be reached through their online page

The legal Staff at  Reaves Law Office knows how to deal with all kinds of personal injuries and also know how to negotiate with insurance companies. The truth is, dealing with insurance firms that don’t care what you’re going through can feel like pounding your head against a brick wall. The experts at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC will give you voice in and outside the court. 

No matter what you are going through or how difficult your case might be, personal injury attorney Memphis will always fight for what’s right. They have received recognition for their dedication to clients and high caliber of professional service.


Why Choose Our Personal Injury Attorney in Memphis

The legal team in personal injury attoeney Memphis is well knowledgeable about Tennessee’s intricate personal injury laws. They have distinct understanding of insurance company tactics; thanks to their prior experience as defense lawyers. Both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum® have recognized our firm as a member. In simple terms, personal injury attoeney Memphis

  • Represent you in court:Our Memphis personal injury lawyers are fierce litigators with a great deal of expertise who actively represent clients in court and during settlement talks.
  • Offer free legal consultation: To allow clients to ask questions and fully understand their legal choices, we offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation.
  • Charges Contingency fee: When they start working on a personal injury claim, the firm doesn’t charge anything up front, and we never get paid unless we obtain compensation for our clients.
  • Always available: Our team of committed personal injury attorneys in Memphis is available around-the-clock to talk about your needs, questions, and concerns. Our legal advice is available to you from the beginning to the end of your case!
  • Negotiate: can bring a number of items to aid in the initial assessment of your case. Any details you may have regarding the at-fault party, including name, addresses, and insurance policy details
  • Help you to gather evidence: The evidence you need for your case includes: Documents or bills pertaining to your injury and accident, records from your doctors, including a list of them, Any pictures you have of the accident site and your wounds, contact details and names of any accident witnesses, correspondence from any insurance providers, a duplicate of your health and auto insurance cards (if you were in a car accident), Notes providing whatever information you can recall about what transpired, etc.

Other things Personal Injury Attorney Memphis can help you with.

Personal Injury Attorney Memphis, will help you to decide whether to settle for a just and fair amount or go to trial and also:

  • speak with witnesses that will be necessary for your case.
  • support you in getting medical care.
  • acquire all healthcare providers’ medical data and invoices
  • use detectives to obtain crucial physical evidence
  • assist in the repair of your damaged vehicle and
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to get good bargain.
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Frequently asked Questions about Personal Injury attorney Memphis

Who is a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee is someone who advocates for those who have suffered as a result of the careless or negligent actions of another person, or of a business or governmental organization.

An experienced personal injury attorney who has aided clients in circumstances like yours may be of assistance if you have been hurt as a result of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness.

You can depend on a Memphis personal injury attorney from Patterson Bray to vigorously defend your rights when you retain our services. Also, we will treat you and your family with the consideration and respect you merit.

What amount of compensation can I recieve for my personal injury?

A personal injury lawsuit may result in a variety of different types of compensation. A victim of personal injury can recieve both economic and non-economic damages.

  • The Economic Damages you may recieve.

The economic damages you may receive include the medical bills. When it comes to income damages, you can be entitled to money both for the pay you would have otherwise lost due to your accident and for any future wages you would not have been able to receive as a result.

If you lose personal property as a result of your personal injury case, such as a car, furniture, or even clothing, you may be granted property loss damages.

  • The Non- economic damages you may recieve.

A victim of personal injury may also recieve non-economic damages by way of punitive damages. Punitive damages are damages paid by someone responsible for the accident as a form of punishment and to deter the person and other member of the society from engaging in similar conduct.

The amount payable to victim the accident is totally at the discretion of the court.

How do I prove my personal injury case in Memphis?

The success or otherwise of your case depends on whether you were able to establish fault. You must established that the at fault party was negligent and same put you at risk or injury.

The elements of Negligence include:

  • Presence of Duty of Care: Duty of care is the duty to behave in a particular way so as not to cause harm to another person. This duty is backed up by law.
  • Breach of the duty of care:  The at fault party failed to exercise the reasonable care.
  • Damages arising from the breach of duty.
  • Causation- that it was the other party complained against who was responsible for your injury.

What if I contributed to my Personal Injury?

Contributing to your injury means that your action or inaction also contributed to the injury that you suffered. This is what is know as contributory negligence.

Contributory negligence does not exonerate an insurance company from liability. It only reduces the liability. So, even if you contr8buted to your injury, you can still recover compensation depending on the circumstances of your case.

What if you can’t afford a lawyer for a personal injury case?

Well, most personal injury attorneys in Memphis, including Henry E Reeves III charges contingency fee- that is, you will only pay them when and only if they win your case in court.

So, you will be required to pay them out of the compensation they will recover for you. So, you do not have to worry about money as you will not be required to pay up-front fee.

In Memphis, attorneys that charges contingency fee usually ask for 30-40% of the compensation recovered for their clients.

Again, attorneys like Henry E. Reeve III also offer free legal consultation, and you won’t incur extra expenses in addition to large medical bills you may have be charged with.

Must I  hire a personal injury Attorney?

It is not a must. You can chose to handle your personal injury case yourself but it is not advisable. The reason is this, you really don’t want to receive less compensation than you deserve and you may also not have the skills required to negotiate your case against your insurance company or go to court if the need be.

So, we advice you hire an attorney to represent you, so that you will get the best result.

Does My Case qualify for personal injury case?

You might be eligible to file a personal injury case if you suffer injuries in a car accident, slip and fall on someone else’s property, are mauled by an animal, or are damaged by a dangerous product. These are just a few scenarios in which you might contact a personal injury attorney. You can obtain a free consultation to ascertain whether or not you might be eligible for damages as a result of an injury by contacting the Memphis

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What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury cases in Memphis?

There is a statute of limitations in personal injury cases. Your case can be dismissed if you don’t move forward with it within the state-imposed deadlines. The average statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident, although they can range from one to six years in each state.

The time to file is significantly shorter if a government agency was engaged. It is a reality that you shouldn’t wait. So that you may concentrate on your recuperation, a personal injury attorney from our Memphis company will handle your case and practically all of the contact.

Why Should I not accept a quick settlement from insurance company?

The goal of insurance firms is to maximize profits. To accomplish this, they must persuade injured parties to accept a quick settlement—ideally, without the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

After your accident, it’s likely that either your insurance provider or the insurer for the suspected at-fault party will get in touch with you. They may make claims like the following when speaking to you:

“We want to apologize for what happened and provide you X dollars right away.
To get your payment transferred to you right away, please study and accept our offer”
“You can get a rapid settlement without a lawyer.”
You could lose if you decline because we will defend the matter” “If you reject our offer, it can be months before you get anything. Till then, what are you going to do?”

These statements can be discouraging and motivating, leading you to feel under pressure to accept a settlement from the insurance provider.

Avoid falling for this trap. You run a very good danger of settling for something considerably less than you need or deserve if you do this.

Personal injury attorney Memphis have heard far too many stories of folks who accepted settlements but did not receive enough money to fully compensate them for their financial losses (including prospective ones). Don’t be a victim of this lies.

What are the Common Mistake in Memphis Personal Injury Cases?

Even though we encourage our clients to be actively involved in their cases, it’s simple for personal injury claims to go wrong. A knowledgeable Memphis personal injury attorney on your side can help you avoid mistakes, deal with denied claims, and obtain the amount you are entitled to. Keep an eye out for these typical errors.

  • failing to seek medical attention after an accident or injury.

After a Car accident, you might not immediately feel the effects of head trauma or whiplash, but when symptoms start to show up a few weeks later, you could end up with chronic pain for years.

The severity of the accident you were in is something only you can judge. In spite of this, we frequently advise clients to go to the hospital before filing a personal injury claim.

A trip to the hospital can assist your Memphis personal injury attorney develop your case. Providing medical data pertaining to the injuries you suffered is one of the key burdens of proof.

  • Trying to resolve the situation with the other party on your own.

Never attempt to negotiate a secret deal with the person who caused your harm.

Taking any kind of payment can make it more difficult to launch a claim later, and the price of your medical care if you get an unanticipated injury will probably outweigh any cash you got.

Also, it can cost you a lot of money and time if you don’t report a significant collision to the police or your insurance provider. The best thing you can do is ask a Memphis personal injury attorney for guidance, even if you believe you had a hand in the accident.

You may choose the course of action that is actually optimal for your requirements and circumstances when you are aware of your possibilities.

  • Making an independent attempt to reach a settlement with your insurance company.

It is not sufficient to understand the details of your insurance contract to safeguard your legal interests. To obtain a fair settlement, you must hire a lawyer with expertise in personal injury litigation. Even your insurer is concerned with their bottom line when it comes to insurance firms.

Because of this, even when a person’s injuries are covered, many personal injury claims are unfairly rejected. Some insurance providers make you an offer that is significantly below what you are entitled to. At Patterson Bray, we represent you in court and in settlement negotiations, putting your needs first.

Tips on how to find good Personal Injury attorney in Memphis.

These are some characteristics you should look for in a personal injury attorney when you decide to start your search.

  • Experience.

You need a personal injury attorney who has handled cases similar to yours. The fact is that you want someone who is equipped to handle your case and is aware of its particular requirements. Even though hiring a new attorney might be on your list, consider their track record and whether they can actually assist you.

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Also, you want someone with experience in personal injury litigation. You wouldn’t want just any general practitioner handling your situation, just as you wouldn’t want someone performing heart surgery.

  • Availability.

It is crucial that you get a lawyer who is always accessible to you if you need their services.

During your initial consultation, inquire about the lawyer’s availability. If they won’t be able to speak with you effectively, leave the situation. You require a person who will take the time to hear you out and comprehend your requirements. It’s time to move on if you don’t hear back from someone for days.

  • Results.

You need a person who can provide outcomes. Choose a different attorney if the one you are working with has a very low win rate. Keep in mind that not every personal injury attorney is made equal. The good ones will be honest with you and able to demonstrate their results.

Also, you want a person to win a case without using dubious tactics. Courts disapprove of attorneys that go above and beyond, which could be detrimental to your case.

  • Reviews and references.

Similar to how you want to know what other people thought before you start looking for a new doctor or even a new restaurant. Reviews can help in this situation. You seek a candidate with favorable client testimonials.

A competent attorney will also provide you with references. These can be to former customers or other local experts in the field. It is better to look for another attorney if your current one won’t give you these items.

How can I establish that someone else is at fault for my injury?

When you ask a lawyer for assistance, you frequently get a complete team of specialists who can help you establish that another person acted carelessly or negligently. Hence, when you claim that the place you were in was hazardous, your attorney will see to it that someone goes there to investigate, take pictures, and record it. They’ll probably be able to identify if a fast fix was performed following your accident as well.

Therefore, it is usually wise to take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can before you leave. This will give your attorney and the relevant insurance agents the proof they need to support your claim as soon as the event occurs.

Don’t be afraid to contact a reputable attorney for assistance with your slip-and-fall lawsuit. Several insurance agents are attempting to contact clients who have not yet begun speaking with a lawyer. Contact our staff right now to effectively defend your assertion.

What should I expect from personal injury attorney in Memphis?

Are you debating whether or not to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney Memphis, Tennessee provides after being engaged in an incident that injured you?

For a free consultation if you believe you have a legal claim, get in touch with Personal injury attorney Memphis Their attorneys carefully represent clients in the Memphis and Nashville areas and are ready to pursue just compensation in the event of a personal injury.

Often, attorneys concentrate on one or two areas of the law. So, you might want to search for a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, if you’re interested in making a claim for an injury or accident. To better grasp the significance of a qualified personal injury attorney

Similar claims may have been challenged by a personal injury attorney. Personal injury claims must abide by or satisfy particular requirements that are spelled out in intricate legislation, case studies, or insurance contracts.

Your time and mental energy can be saved with the help of a knowledgeable Memphis personal injury attorney. More importantly, knowing you’re working with someone who is familiar with the legal system may give you more confidence.

The majority of fees are contingent. Every legal practice has a different personal injury insurance. Nonetheless, a lot of businesses, including Patterson Bray, operate on a contingency fee basis. You are not required to pay any money or costs up front under this arrangement; instead, fees will be settled when a case has been won.

It is possible to use objective thinking. Using rational, objective reasoning, a Memphis, Tennessee personal injury attorney may create compelling cases. Such an attitude necessitates the meticulous analysis of small information, which might support your assertion.

Any court procedures where exact attention to language and words will be of the utmost priority may be influenced by this style of thinking.
finding alternate choices.

There are times when a negotiation or settlement given falls short of expectations. If this occurs, an experienced personal injury attorney in Memphis, Tennessee may search for other options to reach a satisfactory conclusion. They might include trial, mediation, or arbitration.

Settlements may exceed the offers made for insurance claims. You can face intense pressure from an insurance provider or other party to consent to settlements or negotiations. It could be best to politely reject until you speak with a Memphis, Tennessee personal injury attorney. A lawyer can advise you honestly about any settlement offers that are being considered or work to renegotiate the terms of the agreement so that you receive more fair pay.


Personal injury attorney Memphis represent you as a powerful legal champion in court for violent crime victims and their families. We recommend them as they will work to see that you and your family receive the benefits to which you are entitled. To learn more about your case and how we may assist you in pursuing compensation for the harms and losses you have sustained, get in touch with them and ask for a consultation.

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